Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Solar Screens in Texas


The average American temperature has risen 0.31 to 0.54 degrees Fahrenheit per decade since 1979. This has made it difficult for homeowners to keep their homes cool.

They may believe that there’s only one option. That is to crank up the AC and spend tons on energy costs.

However, there’s another way. The best solar screens Frisco, TX offers (Arrowhead’s) can block out the sun. This can protect your home not just from the heat but from many other sunlight-specific problems.

Read on to learn more about how Frisco residents like you can benefit from them.

What Are Solar Screens?

At first glance, our solar screens may seem the same as a screen you would use to keep out insects. Both of them consist of a woven mesh-like fabric fastened to a surrounding frame. They also both fit tightly against the interior or the exterior of your home’s windows.

In addition, they both can keep insects out of your home. You can also get them in a variety of colors to better match your home’s aesthetic.

Yet, this is where the similarities end. Unlike mere insect-repelling screens, our solar screens have a few additional qualities and abilities.

The colors of solar screens do not fade as easily as those of insect-repelling ones. The two screens also feel different to the touch. Solar ones feel a bit more durable.

Their most important ability, however, is blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering your home.

How Do Solar Screens Work?

Why do solar screens have this sunlight-blocking ability and insect-repelling screens don’t? It all comes down to the materials that make them.

Like most high-quality solar screens, ours are made of Textilene. This window screen fabric is made of woven polyester strands. Each of these has been coated in a specially formulated polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

This PVC is what makes the magic happen. It has the special ability to reflect the sun’s rays. This sends them back into the atmosphere and away from your home.

What Do Solar Screens Do for Frisco Residents?

Now you’re probably wondering why it’s so important to keep the sun out of your home. The more obvious answer is that sunlight can make your home hotter. This can make it harder to stay cool in the hot Frisco summers.

However, there are also many more harmful effects of the sun’s rays that you might not consider. Some of these can not only cause you discomfort but also cause you to lose money. You can avoid these when you install solar screens in your home.

There are also a few more benefits of solar screens beyond their sunshine blocking abilities.

Your Energy Bill Will Be Cheaper

You might believe that having a hotter home isn’t a big deal. You have an air conditioner, after all. It can make things much when it gets too hot.

However, turning your air conditioner up has consequences. You’ll be using up energy that doesn’t need to be used. This isn’t good for the environment.

In addition, you’ll be spending money on your energy bill that you didn’t have to.

When our solar screens block sunlight, they also block the heat. This means that you’ll be able to use your air conditioner less and save money.

Your Belongings Won’t Face Damage

Certain molecules inside of an object give it its colors. They do this by absorbing certain colors from light and leaving others. After the molecules do this, we can see the leftover colors on the object.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can affect the color-absorbing ability of these molecules. Therefore, the colors on objects fade when they’re in the sunlight too long.

This can, of course, happen to furniture, wallpaper, flooring, and other objects that are kept close to windows. If you don’t want this to happen, consider getting our solar shades. They will stop most UV rays from getting into your home and fading your belongings.

Your Eyes Will Be Protected

Prolonged exposure to UV light can damage your eyesight. For this reason, it’s not a good idea to let too much of it into your eyes.

However, sometimes it’s hard to help this. If the sun is sitting at a certain angle, it can shine through the window and directly into your eyes. If it hits something shiny like another window, it can shine right at you.

Luckily, our solar screens can deflect this glare and save your eyes. This way, you won’t face the inconvenience of having to squint when you look outside or move out of the sun’s way. You also can protect the health of your eyes.

Your Home Will Be Warmer

Texas has been getting cold in the winter these days. This not only can make you uncomfortable but also affect your health. This environment can be especially dangerous for the more vulnerable, such as small children.

You’ve also likely been turning your heater up. This is something that can cause another spike in your energy bill.

Our solar screens can help with this problem as well. Just as they keep heat out of your home, they can also keep heat in. This will help you stay warm and healthy while you keep your energy costs down.

Your House Will Be More Private

The inside of your home is less visible during the day. This is because of the sun shining on the glass of your window.

At night, however, there’s no sun. This can make it easy for anyone to look into your home. That can affect your family’s safety.

Solar screens, however, make it more difficult for people to look into your home at night. This will keep your family safer.

We Offer the Best Solar Screens Frisco, TX Has

In conclusion, solar screens better the health, safety, and comfort of you and the other occupants of your home. It also saves your belongings from damage.

If these benefits sound interesting to you, then consider contacting us. We offer free price quotes for the best solar screens Frisco offers.


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