Value of a Professional Roof Inspection


Around 25% of the heat created in your home is lost through the roof. In addition, replacing an entire roof can be a substantial financial cost. So how do you save money on both fronts?

That is with good, regular roof maintenance. Read on as we discuss why you need a routine roof inspection to save money.

Why Get a Roof Inspection?

Many people live by the adage that if it is not broken, you shouldn’t fix it. The problem with this is that a roof is such an integral part of the home that it impacts other areas of the house if it suddenly gets damaged. Therefore to minimize costly roof repairs, you need to spot problems early.

You can perform a visual inspection yourself. However, it is hard to check for damage under the surface unless you have the correct tools. It is also hazardous to climb onto your roof without the proper safety equipment.

When you get a roof inspection, the person doing the assessment will look for issues you may not recognize. This could be major structural issues and damage to the shingles. In addition, you will be notified of any minor problems which may get worse over time.

The Roof Inspection Process

The roofer will work to spot problems by undertaking several tests. The first will be to see if any materials have begun to degrade and may need replacing. Shingles, tiles, warps, and cracks are the main culprits.

After this, a scan will be done for moisture in the roof. Trapped bubbles can mean gas is leaking into the property. This test will involve seeing how long water takes to evaporate from your roof surface.

Insurance Claims

Many people do not realize that you can invalidate your roof insurance policy should you decide to repair a roof yourself. After storms, getting a residential roofer to inspect your roof and the damage should be your top priority. A quality roofer should do this with no obligation.

After that, they will provide you with a report. This can be submitted to your insurance company along with pictures of the damage. If this is approved, the roofing contractors can work with the insurance company to fix or figure out a roof replacement cost on the property. Roof leak repair is essential to prevent long term damage.

How Often Should I Get a Roof Inspection?

This depends on the climate your property is in. If you have large storms frequently, make sure you get the roof inspected after each one. For temperate climates, you should get a comprehensive roof inspection at least once a year.

By doing this, the roofer will not only maintain your roof but spot any problems in advance. They will be able to identify any weaknesses and roof leaks before they become a much more costly issue. The worst-case scenario is that they recommend a whole new roof to avoid damaging the property’s structure.

Types Of Roofs We Inspect

There are many different roof types and material used for roofing. Some of the different roofs that we inspect are as follows:

  • Metal roofing
  • Shingle roof
  • Tile roofs
  • Flat Roofs / Torch Down / Rubber roofing

We offer both residential roof inspectors and commercial roof inspections. Regardless of the roofing material used, roofing professionals can figure out replacement costs for you before normal wear and tear costs you more money down the road.

Residential Shingle Roof

Benefits of a Professional Roofing Service

Getting a regular roof check has several benefits. Not only does it help you maintain your roof, but it will also save you money in the long run.

Peace of Mind

The roof is the best defense you have against the elements. It does not have to have gaping holes to expose you to them either. Even the smallest of gaps or structural problems can cause untold damage inside.

Regular inspections mean you always know how good your roof is. When it does need repairing or replacing, then a professional inspection will let you know how long you can go without a repair, how much worse it will get, and how long repairs will take. All of this allows you to prepare and organize your finances, so there is no big shock on the horizon.


Repairing a roof yourself is a dangerous job. However, roofers have the equipment to prevent falls, and they know how to walk on roofs. In addition, if the roof has degraded, they will know which spots to avoid.

All of this means that you can stay safe on the ground. It could be disastrous if you step onto the wrong section or slip on a loose tile.

Avoids Water Damage

Water damage can cause many severe issues in your home. Once water gets in, mold and mildew will start to set in as well. Unfortunately, this can often be unnoticed, hiding behind walls, furniture, and fittings until too late.

You can look out for the signs in and around the house. Discoloration, peeling of paint or wallpaper, and the symptoms of black mold are all giveaways. Alternatively, preempt this by getting a regular roof check.

Even tiny cracks can let in water. Usually, this comes from the side that gets the most sunlight as UV rays weaken the shingles much quicker.

Your Roof Will Last Longer

roof should last between 20 and 50 years. As well as the climate, materials used, and the type of property, maintenance plays a huge part in this. With the outlay of replacing a complete roof, you want to ensure that you get as long a life as possible from it.

When you have maintenance done, it prevents small amounts of moisture from getting into the roof space. This can weaken the structure, rot the decking and damage the insulation. You are likely to make it to the 50 years by keeping it maintained rather than replacing every 20.



Finding a Roofer

Now you know the many benefits, it is time to find a residential or commercial roofer. Speak with others in the local area or check online reviews to find the best roof inspection team you can. Make sure they have the proper roof certifications and offer certified roofing installations.

Your first stop should be Arrowhead Roofing. We can serve all your commercial and residential roof installations, fencing, and gutter needs. Contact us here to book your free quote.

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